A new crop – of labels!

Harvest is well underway, most of the dry whites are in and driving around I can see some merlot on trailers already on the way to the cellars.
The vintage 2011 is not all that is new here, this week I saw the new bottling of 2009 on display. Most of the properties bottled their 2009 through the summer and are just planning to deliver the bottles to customers who stumped up their money spring 2010 for their primeur allocation. The 2009 vintage will be on the shelves for the end of the year although most of them will be laying down for a few years rather than ending up on festive tables.
There are some new labels amongst the 2009 crop. Château Pichon Longueville Baron, second growth of Pauillac, has a very complicated label but it has become such a signature that fans do not need to look at it to understand what’s in the bottle, they can recognise it from a distance. Changing it would be tricky, however their label for their second wine ‘Les Tourelles ‘ has had a complete revamp. The picture on the new label shows the property as it is today. Not that the 19th century ‘fairytale’ chateau has changed since it was built by Raoul de Pichon-Longueville, but the cellars have and the château is now reflected in a pool covering the new underground cellars. The label manages to capture the traditional château but with a clean presentation – the mix of tradition and modern that represents today’s Bordeaux so well.

However the label of the Grand Vin is nodding towards the 21st century sporting a QR code on the back label.

Another property with a change to the back label is Château Canon, first growth of Saint Emilion. The Wertheimer family, owners of Chanel purchased canon, in 1996 but along with their ownership of Château Rauzan Segla since 1994. For many years the Wertheimer family kept a low profile about their Bordeaux presence and the link to Chanel was rarely mentioned. This has all changed now the new label of Rauzan Segla designed by Karl Lagerfeld (see previous post ) and now the back labels of the 2009 clearly mention the link with Chanel.

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