Bordeaux Bootcamp

Many people who tour with me or attend class already have some knowledge of Bordeaux. This usually comes from the bottle – a pretty good place to start – but they are looking to get to know the place behind the label.

Others know nothing about Bordeaux except perhaps a few preconceived ideas and want to know the truth behind the image.

Bordeaux Bootcamp is an opportunity for me to summarise some of the themes I teach in class and cover when I tour with clients. It also answers some of the most frequently asked questions by students and the visitors to the vineyards.

There are plenty of excellent books about Bordeaux; either Château by Château or tasting guides. Bordeaux Bootcamp is neither of these; it is designed to look at Bordeaux basics and be a quick guide to the key elements that make Bordeaux the iconic region it is. Bordeaux wine education made simple.

If you are planning to visit and want some background beforehand, or if you have already toured or been to a class with me and could benefit from a little revision and update Bordeaux Bootcamp is for you. The book is available for purchase at Gumroad. Or from Please contact me here to receive a discount code for your Gumroad purchase of Bordeaux Bootcamp. Book Reviewers please contact me if you would like a complimentary copy.

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Praise for Bordeaux Bootcamp:

Bordeaux simplified. This is a great intro and explanation of the sometimes confusing world of Bordeaux wines! I have several Certifications in wine knowledge and still learned so much!! Molly Stehman

Just what the Sommelier ordered. Really enjoyed this book. It’s just what I was hoping to get when I ordered it. Tom Bristow

Great Read. Very good information presented in a clear concise fashion. A great asset for our planned trip to Bordeaux. John Pappel

Excellent book, easy read. Great overview of Bordeaux. Highly recommended for people traveling to Bordeaux who don’t have good understanding of the wines or area. Kimberley K Dezelon

Brava Wendy. Your passion for bordeaux shines through. For the sake of full disclosure, my husband and I have been touring vineyards and Chateaux/wineries with the author for nearly 10 years. This book is a perfect reflection of her command of the facts, her love of wine and the region of Bordeaux and her ability to share her knowledge and passion in a most appealing way. My enthusiasm for exploring the “lesser-known” wines of Bordeaux has been rekindled. I’m delighted that Wendy is planning another book! P Martin

I wish this had been around when I first started working with the wines of Bordeaux – Wendy writes the way she speaks which is refreshing and informative. Et Voila! Rosamund Barton

This is truly a fantastic book and I found it so helpful and informative when I was studying the stage 2 Wine and Spirit Educational Trust wine course .
I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is studying wine and certainly to everyone who shares the passion for fine Bordeaux wines
Thank you Wendy for sharing your huge amount of knowledge with us. Kit Bentley

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