The Drinking Woman’s Diet

The idea for The drinking Woman’s Diet originally came about at the end of a wine tour in Bordeaux. A client, groaning from a week of fabulous food and wine, asked me ‘how do you do this all the time and keep in shape?

Well the first answer is I don’t do it all the time, but I do it a lot; I drink wine for a living. I teach wine classes, run tastings and talk at wine dinners for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs around the world. I take people around vineyards and wineries of Bordeaux and, with the objective of keeping an open mind, I constantly sample wines from around the world and taste my way through wine regions.

It’s a wonderful job but, as with many things, there is a downside. The benefits of wine drinking are constantly being lauded in the press but so are the risks. Adding insult to injury, wine goes with food, and tasting dinners are rarely very light affairs. So, as well as keeping an eye on the state of my liver, I try to keep an eye on my waistline.

Praise for The Drinking Woman’s Diet.

Inspiring. Wendy Narby walks the walk on this topic!! Wish I shared her practice as much as I share her passion for wine & spirits. Makes a great gift!!! Ed Stevens

Fun read to help balance a woman’s healthy way of drinkin. As a woman who also drinks and eats on the road too, this is a fun and easy read on how to balance your health without sacrificing your enjoyment of alcohol. Good health tips to remember are shared. Kelly M

Do *this* not #dryjanuary – a thinking (drinking) woman’s guide to drink and health from my chum, the extraordinary wendy narby Joe Fattorini

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